gvSIG Mini for Android 1.0.0 released

gvSIG Mini development team is proud to announce the release of the stable version gvSIG Mini for Android 1.0.

gvSIG Mini is an open source project (GNU/GPL) aimed at Java and Android mobile phones. Released version is 1.0.0 for Android. This version offers, among other features, the ability of a direct download of maps from the phone to the storage card, for a further map displaying in offline mode, with no data connection.

gvSIG Mini is a free viewer of free aceess maps based on tiles (OpenStreetMap, YahooMaps, Microsoft Bing, …), with an off-line mode, a WMS & WMS-C client, address and POI search, routes and many more things.

Main latest features of 1.0.0 version are the following ones:

  • Map download directly from the mobile phone, for off-line usage.
  • Off-line mode for viewing maps with no data connection.
  • Multitouch support.
  • New map rendering system, much more agile.
  • Standard Android search button support.
  • New layers available by default.
  • UK Ordnance Survey official maps (rendered by OS).
  • Settings menu with many options.
  • New cache options.
  • Android 2.2 support (now from 1.5 to 2.2).

More than 20 bugs have also been fixed.

gvSIG Mini has been developed by Prodevelop. Also available at Android Market.

More information at:

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