Google Geonews: StreetView Now on All Continents, Photo Layer Revamped, and some more

Here's a few recent Google-related geonews:

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  1. Despite people’s worries in some countries concerning their privacy or security I still think that Google Street View is a great service. I’ve used it a couple of times, when I, for instance, want to book a hotel in a foreing city, so I can see the surrounds, how it looks like and so on.

  2. Google Streetviews is a great service from Google. The privacy issue is to worrie about, because there could be lots of bad use of this informations, which are available for everyone! the ggod news is that google gives the opportunity to clean out your house or property if you wish so. At least in some coutries. Nice that you are mentioning Morro de São Paulo, meggy, I would love to see the bikes (eco version of the street view cars used in the cities) with their 4 cameras cruising around the island.