Proposed OGC Standard for Geosynchronization

After reading about it on the OSGeo-Discuss list, I wanted to share this with you, but Geoff was faster than I! Geoff summarizes the Proposed OGC Standard for Geosynchronization.

From the Geosyncronization 1.0 SWG website: "Regardless of the nature of the collaboration, there is a need for a service to mediate the interaction between data providers and outside entities acting as data collectors. The service must support data entry with validation, notification of changes to interested parties and allow replication of the data provider's features.

A Geosynchronization service, deployed by a data provider, sits between the features a provider offers via a WFS and data collectors. It allows data collectors to submit new data or make modifications to existing features without directly affecting the features in the provider's data store(s) until validation has been applied thus ensuring that the data published by the provider is of high quality."

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