What HTML5 Means to Large Geospatial Datasets

The 'It's All About Data' blog at Safe Software offers an entry named What HTML5 Means to Large Geospatial Datasets. Please note we previously mentioned html5 a few times already.

From the entry: "How will it [Indexed Database API] help the geospatial world?

  • Since data can be accessed very quickly using indexes, large datasets can be handled with ease as specific features can be accessed without iterating through an entire array.
  • The ability to store structured data in the browser and for it to persist even when offline redefines the type of GIS/Mapping application we could build in the browser.


How will it [Canvas element] help the geospatial world?

  • What this means to the mapping world is that rather than sending pre-rendered tiles to the web browser, we can now render vector objects directly in the web browser. Check out what MIT have been doing with the Cartagen project. The possibilities are endless."

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One comment

  1. 10 years ago I warned my clients that using IE6 and active X was
    madness. The only long term solution is interoperability and that is
    achieved via standards. HTML5 is very exciting and  GIS folks should be
    elated. Lets just hope that our clients dont make the mistake of
    choosing Active X (figuratively speaking) all over again for their
    mapping solutions.