GRASS GIS 6.4.1 Released

The first release after last September's version 6.4.0, the powerful open source GRASS GIS version 6.4.1 has been released.

From the announcement: "This release fixes some bugs discovered in the 6.4.0 source code and a few new features (over 560 updates to the source code with respect to 6.4.0 have been added). As a stable release 6.4 will enjoy long-term support.

GRASS 6.4 brings a number of exciting enhancements to the GIS. Our new wxPython graphical user interface (wxGUI) is debuted, Python is now a fully supported scripting language, and for the first time since its inception with a port from the VAX 11/780 in 1983, GRASS runs natively also on a non-UNIX based platform: MS-Windows."

Here's the overview of changes for 6.4.1, including new modules and major module changes.

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  1. Qgis + Grass = full suite of GIS goodness. If you haven't given grass a try in a long time, you should. Yes it can be a little confusing to set up and get used to finding functions, but once you do you are running.

    Add Qgis and you now have a nice front end, easy access to tables, and a powerful processing engine with Grass. Both use python, so the skills learned there cross over. Add a data engine to store results, ala PostGis and you have a suite that will rival any commercial offering.