Review of “Beginning Spatial with SQL Server 2008”

 Geoweb Guru offers a book review of "Beginning Spatial with SQL Server 2008" by Alastair Aitchison.

From the review: "In conclusion, this is recommended for those who are already familiar with SQL Server but who are looking to us it for geospatial applications or to use it as a backend database for a geospatial web application. It should also prove useful for those with geospatial knowledge who need to use SQL Server's geospatial extensions for the first time. Such readers may find that a general SQL Server book will prove to be a good complement to this text."

On Amazon:

[amazon 1430218290 full]

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One comment

  1. I have this book, and it is a good book. Plenty of syntax examples, pictures, etc.

    However, the more I get to know MSSQL the more I wish I didnt bother. The sptatial functions are too few, the OGR standard it is based on is too old, it doesnt fit neatly in with the current development if you are a SQL shop (i.e. the spatial column data type is a CLR type…).

    In the end I would rather have focused on PostGIS, many more functions, more robust, easier to use and no cost.