Marble Virtual Globe 1.1 released

The Marble Team has just released Marble 1.1.

As with every Marble release there is a feature guide with screenshots available at:

This release is special: With many new features being developed during Google Code-in (GCI) the Marble Team
decided to make a new release in between the usual KDE application ones. The new version provides several new features and improvements:

* Map Creation Wizard and Map Sharing
* OpenDesktop and Earthquakes Online Service
* Extended Plugin Configuration
* Map Editing
* and Voice Navigation

The Marble library released alongside is binary compatible with the one shipped with KDE 4.6 (Marble 1.0).
The source code has been tagged on April 14 (see Binaries for the Nokia N900 are already available in the extras-testing repository at See also Dennis' blog at .
Desktop packages of this release will appear on the Marble download page ( during the upcoming week (for Linux, Windows and Mac).


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