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Most of you know that is managed by a team of volunteers under the umbrella of a registered non-profit organization. We aim to provide great geonews aggregation and discussion services, from the geospatial community for the geospatial community. While making billions is clearly not a goal, it would still be nice if the site was self-sufficient. Over our past 5.5 years of existence, we always favored transparency. That's why we provide our open budget. Yes, we're in the red. If you like the site, any donation is welcomed, even if it's just 5$ to help pay for the hosting fees.

I'll now need to update our open budget and our list of Top Donors, found on the right hand side of the site… I'm glad to report the guys at gave us a substantial donation which propel them to the 6th place of our all-time Top Donors. Thanks a lot WebMapSolutions! What they do? Their website indicates they "provide on time and on budget project programming & implementation, for custom developed rich internet map applications". Cheers!

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  1. You might try experimenting a bit with your google adsense placement.  Putting the ad at the top left corner of page probably not the best location.  If you're getting 35,000 hits per day, you should be able to make $100-$300/day with adsense.  But your ad needs to be closer to the content of the blog posts.  Try a 250×250 ad at the top right corner of your blog post content with text wrapped around the ad.  I don't think most people mind a couple Google ads.

    • Thanks for your comment… you're right, I forgot to mention ads status on the site! We first started displaying Google Ads last November or so. So far, it's generating very little revenue, not even enough to pay for hosting! I'll include the full numbers in our updated open budget.

      You are probably right, the ad placement is certainly sub-optimal at the moment. I could add them at the bottom of every story instead of the top-left of the page. Or another option is to add them to the RSS feed. With over 6,200 RSS subscribers (stats from Google Feedburner), it may generate some revenue to pay for hosting.

      But you know what? I hate ads. So it doesn't make sense to me to serve ads to fellow community members! If we just get a 1$ donation per user, the site's hosting fees would be taken care of for years to go. That's why I tend to favor donations over ads.

      Thanks for your feedback… I'll keep thinking about this issue…

      Also related, due to the amount of questions we get be email, I created this page on advertisements on Slashgeo.

  2. The other reason your ads may not doing well is because Google seems to be serving up public service announcement type of ads, which don't really pay anything.  Usually when that happens, it's because Google's bot isn't finding any unique content on your website.  Make sure you don't have Google's bot blocked.  Also, placing the ads within the posts might help Google's bot find better content and give you better ads.  You should be able to find some plugins for your blog that will help optimize your site for Google Adsense.  For example, there are XML code generators, plugins to automatically place ads in posts/RSS feed, etc.  You can also set up a Google Analytics account to try and improve optimization.

    No one likes ads, but Google's ads are relatively benign and I don't think most people mind a couple of well placed ads.  I will whitelist websites that I visit regularly from ad-blocking software as a way to show my support for the website and I wish more people would do this.  Even if you never click on ads, whitelisting a webiste will help support it.

    What ever you do, don't ever ask people to click on your ads because that will get you banned from Adsense.  I would not even disclose your ad revenue or do anything else to suggest you get revenue from ads.  Google is very strict about their TOS, they have lots of rules that can be difficult to understand, and any violation can get you banned for life.  Kind of like Fight Club…the less you talk about Adsense the better.