The First Release of JGrasstools is Out

The first official release of JGrasstools has been released as 0.7.0.

We have worked about a year to prepare not only the algorithms contained in this release, but also the supporting the evolution of the OMS3 framework to gain the main objective of the JGrasstools library: the possibility to link together models in a most possible flexible way, being it along a timeline or in standalone mode, being it in complex and recursive way or in simple standalone mode.

JGrasstools represents the effort to extract the processing power of JGrass to library level.

For documentation, downloads, you can read the whole story at he release notes page.

[Editor's note: we mentioned JGrass a few times in the past, JGrass is built upon GRASS GIS and uDig]

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  1. I am not sure that editors note is correct; JGrass tools does not require grass gis (think of it more as a port).

  2. Well, JGrass sure was built on top of GRASS, even if its modules could run also without a GRASS installation. JGrasstools represents all the JGrass preocessing modules (and hence runs again without GRASS), but right now I am in Prague to work on the proper re-linking of GRASS from JGrasstools. So we stay near GRASS as a project 🙂