Toronto Joins other Canadian Cities in Open Data

Via internal email I learned about the City of Toronto joining other canadian cities for opening their data, which includes a lot of geospatial data.

From the site: "The Cities of TorontoEdmontonOttawa and Vancouver have joined forces to collaborate on an "Open Data Framework". The project aims to enhance current open data initiatives in the areas of data standards, terms of use agreements and open data website design." Before you ask, here's the licensing terms: "The City of Toronto (City) now grants you a world-wide, royalty-free, non-exclusive licence to use, modify, and distribute the datasets in all current and future media and formats for any lawful purpose."

Toronto offers a variety of data in the Shapefile format, some raster in ESDAS, and WMS services too.

We mentioned last March the federal initiative, and previously, we mentioned the open data initiative of Ottawa and Edmonton, that Montreal is also heading towards open data, and arguments on why Edmonton and Vancouver open data efforts did not succeeded as expected.

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  1. You may be interested to know that Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton and Ottawa [aka the G4] are reviewing their collective terms of use with the goal of adopting a common standard that best meets users’ needs but protects and preserves the integrity of municipal data. It’s very important to the team to get your feedback on Toronto’s current licence and pros and cons of other open data licences. Tell us what you think: — or tweet us: @Open_TO