Open Source ETL Tools: GeoKettle 2.0 and Spatial Data Integrator 4.2.0 Released

Last week was announced GeoKettle 2.0, an open source spatial ETL (extract transform and load) tool

From the announcement: "GeoKettle, as its name suggests, is based on the widely used and robust generic ETL tool Kettle (aka Pentaho Data Integration or PDI) made « geo-capable » by integrating and leveraging the power of geospatial libraries such as of JTS, GeoTools, OGR, deegree and of course, brand new Spatialytics code." Here's the details of what's new for version 2.0. We mentioned quite a few times GeoKettle the past three years.

There's another open source spatial ETL tool out there that we haven't mentioned for a while, it's Talend's Spatial Data Integrator, with its version 4.2.0 released earlier this month

From their main page: "Spatial module for Talend Open Studio (aka. Spatial Data Integrator or SDI) is an ETL with geospatial capabilities. Likewise regular TOS components, there are basically three sorts of Geo components: input, output and transform components. Input and output components read features from and write feature to datastores, respectively. Transform components read features from their input flows, possibly transform those features, and write features to their output flows. The term transform is to be taken loosely here as it represents any sort of operation."

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