FOSS4G 2011: What about a Tiling Shootout?

This year at the FOSS4G the WPS Shootout was introduced and presented some of the conformance / interoperability results, which PyWPS was the most interoperable, as well the ZOO project, while GeoServer had a poor client support. The performance of each WPS software was not evaluated, but with the WMS Shootout coming in this Friday afternoon, the domain of map tiling or Web Map Tile Service (WMTS) could be another standard to be evaluated at the FOSS4G. With so many products now in the market for map tiling, such as MapCache, Tilecache, Mapnik, TileMill, GeoWebCache, MapProxy, I think it might be a good idea to form a WMTS Shootout. It could validate the tiles generation process, the interoperability with clients and the performance on delivering the tiles to the client (ex. OpenLayers) as well as features offered (e.g. reprojection on-the-fly, etc.).

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  1. Tiling shootout why not but not WMTS in particular. An half of solutions are unable to generate tiles using WMTS standard (Mapcache, yes; Tilecache not except if patched; Mapnik, not;TileMill, not;Geowebcache, yes; Mapproxy, yes).
    Correct me if I've done a mistake about the WMTS compatibility.

  2. Yeah you right, but why not a Shootout that would enhanced those projects that don't support the standard, but a tiling Shootout can be the first step.