Open Source Releases: QGIS 1.7.1, GeoServer 2.1.2, GeoTools 2.7.3, GEOS 3.3.1

Here's recent geospatial open source software releases. All minor but welcomed updates.

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  1. Hi


    Anything specific about the user documentation you found lacking? We can only make it more useful if folks give us good feedback.





    • Hi Tim,

      When I went to the QGIS wiki, I was disapointed with the little information I could find there about using QGIS.

      Hopefully, the pdf manual is much more helpful, but I would have liked that information to come from the wiki or at least be available on the wiki. It's like having two disjoint sources of documentation, that's suboptimal. In my opinion, pdf documentation is not a format great to use when you're actually in the process of using the software.

      When I took at look at gvSIG (to solve the problem I had with QGIS), I was happily surprised at the in-context documentation provided to the user when using it. Help and details are provided directly alongside the geoprocesses you try to do. That's nice. QGIS is at the other extreme, there is no in-app help, it redirects you to the website. That's not convenient when out of reach of the Internet.

      But the QGIS mailing list was great and did help me solve my issue. Ideally, one should be able to find detailed help directly in the application without relying on external resources.

      Hope this helps! 🙂