Nokia Map Creator Introduced

I first heard about it from Mapperz, Nokia introduced Map Creator. You can head to to try it yourself.

From the Nokia announcement: "We’ve just launched Nokia Map Creator, a fun tool on that literally lets YOU map out your local neighbourhood! You can also use Map Creator to make small edits and additions to existing maps. The tool is super simple to use. The best thing about it is that your work will be visible to all users—immediately! Your Map Creator content will also be shared via regular map-data updates for Nokia Maps on mobile and web, after NAVTEQ validation checks. […] Map Creator already lets you draw streets and footpaths. You can also name new streets and add key information such as driving directions, vehicle type characteristics or paving type. But that’s just the start! You will soon also be able to add even more types of map content such as parks, forests, lakes and rivers. In short, all the types of content you are familiar with seeing in Nokia Maps!"

We mentioned Nokia quite several times in the past, especially since they bought NAVTEQ a few years ago. This Nokia announcement is reminiscent of TomTom MapShare announced in 2007 and of Google Map Maker that appeared in 2008. Like many others have adviced, if you want to have full access to the street data you contribute, there's really only one

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