Dinamica EGO version 1.8 was released

Dinamica EGO freeware, version 1.8, is now available for download.

EGO stands for Environment for Geoprocessing Objects. Dinamica EGO consists of a sophisticated platform for environmental modeling with outstanding possibilities for the design from the very simple static spatial model to very complex dynamic ones. 
Dinamica-EGO favors simplicity, flexibility and performance, optimizing speed and computer resources, such as memory and parallel processing. Its main features includes:
  • Nested iterations,
  • Multi-transitions,
  • Dynamic feedbacks,
  • Multi-region and multi-scale approach,
  • Decision processes for bifurcating and joining execution pipelines,
  • A series of complex spatial algorithms for the analysis and simulation of space-time phenomena.
  • High performance, including 64-bit native version, multiprocessor computing architecture, smart handling of large raster datasets.
The changes in this release, compared to the currently stable version (1.6.2), include:
  • Wizard editor to create model wizards. Model wizards can be used to guide user interaction with a model. A wizard example can be found in the folder Dataset\Examples\run_lucc_northern_mato_grosso\run_roads_wizard (See presentation of this tools and other functionalities).
  • The operator Calc Cost Map now performs cost surface calculation in parallel. As the result, the cost calculation is now much faster on multicore computers. Check out a performance comparison between Dinamica EGO and two commercial GIS.
  • Dynamic workdir, that allows more portability and switching of scenario data.
  • Brand new map viewer with several tools to visualize spatial data.
  • Movie maker. Now it is possible to use the new viewer to create a MP4 movie using simulation map results.
  • Models load faster even when the MinGW expression compilation module is been used.
  • New operators While, Do While, Select String, Select Folder, String Junction and Folder Junction.
  • Better functor library layout.
  • Several bug fixes.
Dinamica is available for Windows XP/Vista/7 32 and 64 bits. It can be downloaded from http://www.csr.ufmg.br/dinamica

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