OpenStreetMap News: Syrian Uprising and OSM+GMM Data, TomTom vs OSM Data, U.S. OSM Terrain Layer, SotM 2012 in Tokyo, and much more

Okay, there is much more geonews that were waiting for me than I expected. Please give me some time to catch up everything. Anything worthy, I'll aggregate and share with our users.

There has been several interesting articles and entries posted in the past two weeks about OpenStreetMap. Here they are!

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  1. I was in at the ground floor of both and I can say that in the 5 years that OSM takes to catch up to competitors, they will have 5 years to to get further ahead and there is much in the can they have not released as yet, including advanced features not in OSM. 

    There is no single source for navigation data which is another misapprehension of the Open Source folks. 

    Cloudmade and Mapquest are making the first moves in this arena with OSM data.