Google Android Augmented Reality Glasses In the Works

Science fiction is coming our way. Slashdot is discussing a story named Google Heads Up Display Coming By the End of the Year.

Their summary: "Google is working to deliver a heads-up display allowing users access to email, maps and other tools through a wearable interface. According to the NY Times' sources, the device will be available later this year, and sell for prices comparable to smartphones. 'The people familiar with the Google glasses said they would be Android-based, and will include a small screen that will sit a few inches from someone’s eye. They will also have a 3G or 4G data connection and a number of sensors including motion and GPS. … The glasses will have a low-resolution built-in camera that will be able to monitor the world in real time and overlay information about locations, surrounding buildings and friends who might be nearby, according to the Google employees. The glasses are not designed to be worn constantly — although Google expects some of the nerdiest users will wear them a lot — but will be more like smartphones, used when needed.'"

More geo-stuff from the article: "The glasses will send data to the cloud and then use things like Google Latitude to share location, Google Goggles to search images and figure out what is being looked at, and Google Maps to show other things nearby, the Google employee said. “You will be able to check in to locations with your friends through the glasses,” they added."

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  1. Augmented reality is the future. It has great potential for advertising and with the Google glasses you can look at a street and get prices on homes that are for sale, square feet, list price, etc. There are currently smartphone apps that act similarly with regards to advertising, but Google is taking on a whole new set of features incorporating Google+ Profiles, Places, Maps, Navigation, Search, Product Offers, Music and more. Is it too much? Is being able to record someone walking down the street and get their Google Profile info right then not an invasion of privacy? I think the technology is impressive and going to big a huge success, but I think Google must have some type of security measures in place to protect peoples privacy. The future is a fascinating thing as is the evolution of technology the envelope gets pushed further and further. Virtual Malls for instance are a certainty for our near future as commerce evolves with the technology that embraces it. Google has one thing to watch out for, Apple is working on a prototype of AR glasses as well.