17 Free GIS ESRI Courses [Professional Certifications]

Upon completion of each of the following free GIS courses, you get a professional certification that will help you pimp your resume. All you need to do is to follow the training, then do an small exam after that, if you pass the exam you get the certificate. 

I just got certified using ArcPad in a 3 Hours course. You will be needing an ESRI Global Account

Field GIS ArcPad Certificate

Free GIS ESRI Courses with Certification

Hope you like it!


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  1. helo there…

    where will the training be held?..or is it online training?

    • Hi


      its online on ESRI site, 

      its free just click on one of the courses do the exam and get certified .

      you should pass the exam at least by 8 out of 10



  3. i have passed the exams, but cant access the certificate, how do i go about that






  5. For more free ESRI Certification exam question prep, visit http://ESRICertification.com

  6. How do you get the ArcGIS software?