A Cool Mashup of Google Maps + Google Earth + Yahoo Maps + Bing Maps

A lot of Maps applications are being developed recently. Each with its pros and cons, I recently wrote an article that compares Google Maps VS Bing Maps. People seem to like it.

So the Punch line, I decided to create a cool mashup that combines 4 Maps applications,

  1. Google Maps
  2. Google Earth
  3. Bing Maps
  4. Yahoo Maps

When you zoom or pan in Google Maps ALL 4 Maps are getting updated instantly!

Click here for the Tool


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  1. Nice and useful… but where's OpenStreetMap in this comparison? 😉

  2. Unfortunately, the  husseinnasser.com website is blocked as malicious by my work organization.

    I have seen this website which does the same thing however…



    • dont know why the site is blocked its just a blog.

      try this [EDITOR'S NOTE: removed link to a parked domain with no maps content]


      anyway thanks for the share the tool you shared is good, it has OpenStreetmaps, Maps Compare however have Google Earth instead.



      • Interestingly enough, the geshout.com name is blocked as a "parked domain".

        I think my govt. IT dept. is tad overly aggressive about blocking.

        • This is a parked domain… I removed that spam link… your IT department was right on that one 😉

          • this is my domain, i hosted the tool on that domain,

            the reason its marked as parked domain is because i redirected the homepage to my blog so all the tools can be accessed from there.. i didn't know that it will be marked as parked domain

            i will create a new home page and will like to the tools accordingly.

            sorry for the inconvience.


        • Hi,

          give it another shot

          here is the link directly to the tool

  3. The "recently" written article is from 2009? Is that right?

  4. Try http://www.mapsofall.com – you can compare not only GOogle and Bing, but also Yahoo and Mapquest, and even Openstreetmap (this is the winner for not satellite maps I think).