Google’s Project Glass: Augmented Reality Glasses Begin Testing

In February we mentioned that Google augmented reality glasses were in development, well, there's still in development but the Google Project Glass augmented reality glasses has been unveiled. The location-based features are numerous.

Slashdot discussed the story and there's articles on The Verge, The New York Times and Wired. From Wired: "The concept video for the Glass project concentrates on the cool things you may do with it one day — create instant contact with friends, monitor feeds about weather and other info, get information about a subway station out of service, receive turn by turn directions on the way to a destination, snap a picture by command, even find your way to a certain tome in the labyrinthine Strand bookstore. Everything works perfectly because, well, it’s a concept video and not a depiction of something that’s actually perfected. But Googlers have been testing prototypes and have already solved some (not all) of the challenges required to make this real and feasible."

Here's the video:

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  1. Here's the problem with this. I DON'T WEAR GLASSES.