CartoDB 1.0 Released: Map, Analyze & Build Applications with your Data

While a user submitted a press release about it last week, we haven't mentioned the 1.0 release of the open source CartoDB project. We did mention CartoDB a few times in the past. There's also a recent blog entry on Comparing Fusion Tables to Open Source CartoDB.

Let me remind our users what CartoDB is: "CartoDB is an open source geospatial database platform that provides an SQL API layer. It allows developers to make querys to a cloud PostrgreSQL + OpenGIS database optimized to geospatial purposes. As a web service API, it is not required a certain database management system."

I'll share a bit more about CartoDB in my upcoming FOSS4G-NA summary.

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    There is a vmdk virtual machine and a EC2 Amazon AMI available with CartoDB pre-installed:
    so CartoDB can be tested locally or on the cloud.