Ten Things You Need to Know About OpenStreetMap and SofM 2012 Registration

DM yesterday published an article named Ten Things You Need to Know About OpenStreetMap. While you probably already know all this if you're a regular reader, it still constitutes an excellent refresher.

Follow the provided link for the details, here's the ten items:

  1. OpenStreetMap's definition; "OpenStreetMap is a free worldwide map, created by people like you."
  2. OSM’s Name is Singular
  3. The OpenStreetMap Foundation Manages and Supports the Effort
  4. OSM is Changing its License from Creative Commons to ODbL
  5. Mapping Parties are Events to Expand OSM
  6. Google’s Recent Decision to Charge Heavy Users of its Google Maps API is Pushing Developers to OSM
  7. Where to Get OSM Tiles
  8. Many Apps Offer OSM Data as an Option
  9. Some Countries are Heavier OSM Contributors and Users than Others
  10. OSM has an Annual Conference, The State of the Map

Also announced earlier this week is the opening of the registration for State of the Map 2012 conference, to be held in Tokyo September 6-8th, just before FOSS4G 2012 at the same location. [correction: rather same "region" of the world… FOSS4G 2012 being held in Beijing, sorry]

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  1. FOSS4G and SotM 2012 won't be at the same location. FOSS4G will be in Beijing, SotM in Tokyo. Though it shouldn't be difficult to attend both.

  2. hhmm, it probably will be difficult. The local FOSS4g organisers seem to have no great desire to have others then Chinese come to the conference: The site is basically dead with no information such as call for papers, travel arrangements and especially the VISA that will take some time to arrange for most non-Chinese visitors….

  3. It would be great to see some more Android & Iphone apps with OSM integrated within it. I use Locus for android and am happy with the OSM version present there, I personally am a contributor myself & look forward to brighter days for OSM.