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Probably because of its unusual size, last Friday's newsletter did not reach all subscribers. Here are the stories published last Friday:

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  1. I found the cause. Apparently, some Gmail users have tagged Slashgeo's daily newsletter as spam instead of simply unsubscribing via the provided link at the bottom at the end of every message. Google then identified the newsletter as spam for all Gmail users and thus impacting several hundreds of Slashgeo users. If you are affected, simply go to your Gmail spam email box and remove the 'spam' tag to the Slashgeo daily newsletter.

    For the record, Slashgeo never subscribed anyone to the daily newsletter without their direct consent. First, a user must create an account, which is entirely optional, to get the daily newsletter, and during account creation, the user can opt in or out of the daily newsletter. And of course, these preferences can easily be changed at any time.