Trimble To Acquire Google SketchUp

This comes as a surprise to many, Slashdot discusses Trimble To Acquire Google SketchUp.

Their summary: "It looks like Google is selling off SketchUp or, conversely, Trimble is acquiring it. Despite several indications there will continue to be a free version of the 3D modelling software, users are unsure about what this will mean for the SketchUp community at large as indicated by the comments on the official Google SketchUp Blog post. They are, however, rejoicing that they will be freed from Groups for SketchUp discussions."

From the Trimble press release: "[…] we are committed to continuing to provide SketchUp as a free version to millions of users."

We of course mentioned tons of times SketchUp, which is a popular tool to generate 3D models. Trimble also found the road to our users quite a few times.

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  1. Have to admit that this is the first time that I've heard of a product being acquired "from" Google since it's usually the other way around. The press release mentions: Trimble will also partner with Google on running and further developing SketchUp's 3D Warehouse So I'm glad it will still reside on Google's massive servers. I love playing around with SketchUp, and I'm actually working on getting better at it to use in my own projects soon.