Glob3 Mobile: Open Source Multi-Platform Virtual Globe Engine

At last week's 3D GeoInfo conference, I learned about the open source Glob3 3D GIS and Glob3 Mobile 3D virtual globe.

There isn't much on the sourceforge website: "glob3 is an open source 3D GIS multiplatform framework written in java with a very non restrictive license and advanced features." 

​But you'll get more on this page for Glob3 Mobile: "Glob3 Mobile is an open source 3D multiplattform virtual globe engine, running in mobile devices (Android and Apple) and in HTML5 web browsers. In this first version, it allows to connect to any OGC WMS public layer, and show it on the globe. Glob3 Mobile is also a framework for virtual globe development. It allows to write plugins directly in Javascript, and these plugins can run in the three plattforms (Android / Apple / web browsers). The project is currently in development, but first plugin examples can be tested in this site."

The apps for iOS and Android are free.

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  1. So this is a fork of World Wind?

    • No, Glob3 Mobile is a complete different piece of software.

      There is a Glob3 project wich is a layer on top of World Wind, and then Glob3 Mobile that is described here. So you have two different beasts based on very different technologies to show 3D data.

  2. Is it really open-source? says the non-mobile version is open-source, and links to git; it does not say glob3mobile is open-source, and only offers an iPad download.

  3. may i use it to develop product for selling?

    • The answer depends on the software's license. I haven't found it specifically for Glob3 Mobile. I would encourage you to contact the developers.

      Many open source licenses are compatible with commercial uses and selling (such as GDAL/OGR's license to name just one).