OpenLayers 3D project (using Cesium WebGL globe)

There is a new project on Github that has made a 3D view for OpenLayers!  It integrates AGI's new open source WebGL globe (Cesium) and uses the OpenLayers drawing & navigation tools to interact with the globe.  Support for WMS layers and feature importing are next on the to-do list.

A live demo can be found here:

The source code is available here.

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  1. Pretty interesting. Is it me or the live demo doesn't work at the moment?

    For the record, Slashgeo mentioned last February ReadyMap, also 3D, open source and based on OpenLayers

  2. For the record, Cesium is far superior to ReadyMap and ReadyMap's OpenLayers integration was very primitive.  To run WebGL, you must have your graphics card driver up to date and it works best in Google Chrome.

    • Thanks for the info 🙂

      The demo does run well in Chrome (earlier today, I was at work with no access to Chrome, only to an apparently too old version of Firefox to run the demo).

    • Its not working for me in Opera 12.  My graphics card supports web GL, so there must be some other issue…

  3. Don't see the 3D…

    I've managed to create polygons but its 2D…


  4. Finally! This is awesome!