Quantum GIS (QGIS) 1.8.0 Released

A lot of geoblogs mentioned the release of Quantum GiS 1.8.0. QGIS is one of the most mature and widely used open source desktop GIS software, with tons of useful community-contributed plugins. Version 1.8.0 is clearly a major update of this already excellent GIS software.

The list of new features is quite long, here's a few of them:

  • QGIS Browser: a stand alone app and a new panel in QGIS. The browser lets you easily navigate your file system and connection based (PostGIS, WFS etc.) datasets, preview them and drag and drop items into the canvas.
  • DB Manager: the DB manager is now officially part of QGIS core. You can drag layers from the QGIS Browser into DB Manager and it will import your layer into your spatial database.
  • New symbol layer types: Line Pattern Fill, Point Pattern Fill.
  • Terrain Analysis Plugin: a new core plugin was added for doing terrain analysis – and it can make really good looking colored relief maps.
  • Ellipse renderer: a new symbol layer type to render ellipse shapes (and also rectangles, triangles, crosses) by specifying width and height.
  • Support for nesting projects within other projects: embed content from other project files.
  • Layer grouping: Option to add layers to selected or active group.
  • Customization: Allows setting up simplified QGIS interface by hiding various components of main window and widgets in dialogs.
  • Action Tool: accessible from the map tools toolbar. It allows you to click on a vector feature and execute an action.
  • Pan To Selected tool: Pans the map to selected feature(s); does not change the zoom level.
  • Updated CRS selector dialog
  • Legend-independent drawing order: The order seen in the legend can be different from the display order.
  • Other features include: MSSQL Spatial Support, Expression based labelling, Heatmap tool, WFS support in QGIS Server, and much more

Head to the release notes (link above) to learn more and see screenshots.

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One comment

  1. Using Quantum GIS (qGIS) on an old XP laptop since last few days, it is just superb.

    ArcGIS has become just too fat, too bulky, too expensive and too restrictive to Microsoft. QGIS is just the opposite.
    Congratulations to qGIS team and sponsores for offering an alternative.

    Just awesome software to get started to learn GIS and move on to advanced topics.