‘Is Geospatial Special?’ Poll Results and New Poll on Google’s Project Glass

The previous poll has been running for much too long, finally, here's the results! Out of 168 votes, there's clearly two camps. 58% of answers indicated that geospatial is special, at least a special type of data or that its overarching nature makes it special. That said, 20% (that's still 1 out of 5 of us) say that geospatial isn't special at all. In the 'neutral' answers, an additional 13% chose the option indicating that too many people deal with geospatial data without considering its spatial nature, and 10% admitted that no matter what, geospatial is special to them anyway! Yes yes, I will eventually write a followup on my entry named Is Geospatial Special? in order to provide precision on my point of view 🙂

You are also invited to participate to the new poll on Google's augmented reality 'Project Glass'.

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  1. What was the background of the voters? Geospatialists? I am not surprised of the positive result (58%) then.


    • Users of Slashgeo are certainly more prone to be 'geospatialists' than anything else… so yes, these polls are mostly for fun, curiosity, and the discussion. They are nothing like 'real' statistics.