Rasdaman: Geospatial Raster Data Manager

I had to investigate OGC's WCS standard and in the process I learned about Rasdaman, a geospatial radar data manager software which is apparently the only software that currently support WCS 2.0 both as a server and client. Rasdaman exists both in a commercial 'rasdaman enterprise' version and as open source with the 'rasdaman community' version. We never really mentioned rasdaman before.

The rasdaman community introduction: "Rasdaman extends standard relational database systems with the ability to store and retrieve multi-dimensional raster data ( arrays) of unlimited size through an  SQL-style query language. On such sensor, image, or statistics data appearing, e.g., in earth, space, and life science applications rasdaman allows to quickly set up array-intensive services which are distinguished by their flexibility, speed, and scalability.

Rasdaman is brought to you by the guys writing the geo raster standards, including  OGC WCS and  WCPS, the OGC raster query language. The petascope component of rasdaman provides service interfaces based on the  OGC  WCS,  WCPS,  WCS-T, and  WPS. For several of these, rasdaman will be reference implementation. Since April 2011, rasdaman is available on the  OSGeo Live DVD. Rasdaman embeds itself smoothly into  PostgreSQL; further, a  GDAL rasdaman driver is available, and likewise a  MapServer integration (beta). A  PostGIS query language integration is under work, see our planning. EarthLook is a demonstration site showcasing rasdaman in a variety of 1-D to 4-D geo use cases."

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  1. In fact, there are more implementations of WCS 2.0 (which is substantially more interoperable and flexible than WCS 1.x): MapServer, GeoTrellis, GMU, soon GeoServer; rasdaman is unique in the respect that it can handle multi-dimensional rasters, but aside form that WCS 2.0 is being adopted at a large and growing rate.