Explore over 10’000 mines across the Globe

Ever wondered where all the gold and diamonds in the world come from? Perhaps you have stumbled across a large mine while exploring on Google Earth but now there is a online platform that enables you to find all the mines on Earth and its called Mining Atlas

Mining Atlas provides a 3D interactive platform that enables you to take tours of mines and their surrounding areas, helping you to understand more about their scale and their impact on the surrounding areas.

The website is aimed at mining industry professionals but everyone might be interested to know whether there are any mines in the area where they live and work. Mining Atlas even has the location of old mines that have long since been closed and covered up.

Cerro de Pasco Mine in Peru

Just a note: double-click on any icon to activate the tour for that mine.

Visit www.Mining-atlas.com

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  1. This is something I wished I could do ever since I first explored the Google maps, I'm surprised they weren't the ones to develop the mining atlas. I wonder what kind of geophysical instruments they are using in each of these mines, is there any option to learn more about the mining process while exploring the underground tunnels?