Wikimedia Foundation Launches, and in Development

The relation between geography and geospatial with traveling appears obvious to me. I've been using for years (it exits since 2003), and now the Wikimedia Foundation announced a competing wiki to be part of the Wikimedia offers such as the famous Wikipedia, named

The Slashdot summary: "The Wikimedia Foundation has marked its 12th anniversary by launching a Creative-Commons-licensed travel guide called Wikivoyage. Like other Wikimedia projects, Wikivoyage contains material written collaboratively by volunteers. The site has launched under the aegis of Wikimedia with around 50,000 articles and approximately 200 volunteer editors. Wikivoyage started in 2006 as a travel guide in German and Italian, backed by the German non-profit Wikivoyage Association. The transition to a Wikimedia project was initiated by contributors and the Association, and content is currently offered in Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish. The purpose of the Wikivoyage is to promote education and knowledge of all countries and regions in the world, as well as understanding among nations. There's a huge global demand for travel information, but very few sources are both comprehensive and non-commercial. That's about to change."

For the curious ones, here's the other projects under the WIkimedia Foundation, which includes Wiktionary but also a project that I wasn't aware of before,, which is still in its infancy but could be eventually leveraged by a part of the geospatial data community?

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  1. Open source Android app for Wikivoyage: Search "Wikivoyage offline" on Google Play Store