GeoTools 8.6 Released

The GeoTools community is pleased to announce the availability of GeoTools 8.6 for download from source forge:

This release is also deployed to the OSGeo Maven Repository. For more information on setting up your project with Maven consult the Quickstart.

About GeoTools 8.6

This is a bug fix release containing fixes and improvements, including:

  • Several fixes in the WFS client, making it work against TinyOWS and ArcGIS WFS server
  • Improvements in usage of filter fuctions from SLD (some functions did not properly convert their arguments from string to numeric)
  • Removed tiling artifacts when rendering oversampled grid coverages
  • Sped up the usage of FIDFilter objects in map rendering
Full details are available in Jira's release notes.
Upgrading from GeoTools 2.7
For those migrating from GeoTools 2.7, upgrade instructions are available. No additional GeoTools 2.7 released are scheduled. Thanks for using GeoTools, and Enjoy!

The GeoTools Community

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One comment

  1. It was definitely time for me to upgrade! I'm using GeoTools to run a web service that uses geospatial data to implement geographic information on a wide scale of travel destinations. I find working with maps on the client-end much easier after the improvements made to the filter functions. The schema parsing is one of the things I love about the software. Just wanted to say thanks for another important GeoTools update, it helps my customers to travel around the world with precision guidance.