U.S. Synthetic Population Viewer Released

I thought this RTI-developed web-based synthetic population viewer would be of interest to some of you.  It allows users to explore the amazing diversity of human household population distributions in the United States. The viewer enables the user to see synthetic households by income, race, size, and age. These synthetic populations form the agents for many ABMs, but aside from that key purpose, they also provide a rich basis to explore the demographics of the United States as illustrated in the viewer.  Over 112,000,000 households are at your fingertips.

Most interesting to look at are large cities—NY, Chicago, LA, DC, etc.  Be sure to try it in ‘Quad View’ and with a Black background!

Please view here: http://portaldev.rti.org/10_Midas_Docs/SynthPop/portal.html.

Thank you,

David Chrest

Research GIS Analyst

RTI International

3040 Cornwallis Rd, PO Box 12194

Research Triangle Park, NC  27709-2194

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