Leaflet 0.7 Released and Plans for Leaflet’s Future

The open source lightweight web mapping library Leaflet quickly became very popular in the past year or so, and now there's Leaflet version 0.7 released for us to play with.

From the announcement: "This is a bugfix-heavy release — as Leaflet becomes more and more stable feature-wise, the focus shifts towards stability, usability and API improvements over new features. […] You can check out the detailed changelog of what’s already done over the recent months for 0.7 (about 90 improvements and bugfixes) […] There are several big undertakings in refactoring Leaflet that I’d want to switch to immediately after releasing 0.7 — I’ve been holding them off for too long, and they’ll be extremely beneficial for plugin and Leaflet-based API authors." The full list is available in their announcement.

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