New 3D Web Earth Maps on our screens, both small and large

AtomJump is today announcing a new alternative to the encumbent 3D Earth mapping tools available.  Built in pure Javascript, this Earth software and API allows publication of 3D Earth maps on apps or websites. The maps run on virtually any device or website (right back to IE7 on the desktop, and up to iPad/iPhones and Android browsers), without needing any software to be downloaded.

Currently the service is only available for globe-level mapping, however a zoom capability is in the works.

In this release, AtomJump have added the ability to import a spreadsheet with points of interest for an instant map, and functionality to view GeoJSON and KML files from a server.  Further enhancements include individually specified map icons, bringing the flexibility of Javascript 2D web mapping into 3D mapping.

AtomJump host the maps on Amazon servers, and users of the API can make use of an allocated 10GB of free map data downloads per month for their own map.

See for further details.


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One comment

  1. The animation is laggy. I can't even zoom in to see more detailed surface.

    And, isn't WebGL based on JavaScript? Since modern browsers have long been supporting WebGL, I don't think pure JavaScript can be attractive enouth to switch to this, insead of Cesium or OpenWebGlobe.