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Starting Next Year, Brazil Wants To Track All Cars Electronically

That's the name of a story discussed over Slashdot, Starting Next Year, Brazil Wants To Track All Cars Electronically.

Their summary: "As of January, Brazil intends to put into action a new system that will track vehicles of all kinds via radio frequency chips. It will take a few years to accomplish, but authorities will eventually require all vehicles to have an electronic chip installed, which will match every car to its rightful owner. The chip will send the car's identification to antennas on highways and streets, soon to be spread all over the country. Eventually, it will be illegal to own a car without one. Besides real time monitoring of traffic conditions, authorities will be able to integrate all kinds of services, such as traffic tickets, licensing and annual taxes, automatic toll charge, and much more. Benefits also include more security, since the system will make it harder for thieves to run far away with stolen vehicles, much less leave the country with one."

Car tracking is a topic regularly discussed, even in a 2008 story about National Car Tracking System Proposed For US.

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