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The Earth COver NETwork (ECO-NET) Programme and New GLCN Bulletin

Via email, in the lastest Global Land Cover Network bulletin #19 [pdf], published this week, we learn about the ECO-NET Earth Cover Observation Network. From the introduction: "ECO-NET Earth Cover Observation Network is a programme that aims to create a consistent and scalable information system on land cover and its dynamics. It is designed to improve the access to data and information and improve assessment of land cover status and dynamics, based on standards and good practices. This programme responds to the need for consistent and reliable information that serves multiple applications, interoperable, scalable and compliant with reporting needs.  The primary focus is to develop a sampling framework for detailed land cover assessment at half degree intervals. The GLCN methodology and tools will enable active participation of a wide range of users by implementation of crowd sourcing technology. The database will be made available for public access and it will be part of the contribution to the pavilion of the Milan expo in 2015." We mentioned the GLCN a few times in the past.

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