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WorldDEM Coming in 2014: Most Accurate Yet Global DEM

We mentioned TanDEM-X before, TerraSAR-X too, and global DEMs like SRTM-DEM and ASTER GDEM, and there's going to be a new major global DEM available in 2014, WorldDEM.

From the DM article: "The TanDEM-X mission is to generate a global digital elevation model - WorldDEM - of unprecedented quality, accuracy and coverage. This DEM is intended to be the replacement dataset for SRTM and will be available in 2014 for the Earth’s entire land surface - pole to pole. The accuracy of the WorldDEM will surpass that of any satellite-based elevation model available today and will have the following unique features:

  • Vertical accuracy of 2m (relative) and 10m (absolute)
  • 12m x 12m raster
  • Global homogeneity
  • Highly consistent dataset as a result of an initial global data collection window of 2.5 years and the opportunity to continue to collect locally beyond the initial collection period
  • No need for ground control information due to the high geometric precision of German sensors "

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