Using Mobile GIS System to Offer Useful Tour Guide for Android and iOS Users

Yehliu Geopark is one of the well-known ecological scenic attractions in north east Taiwan. Its unique sea coast scenery attracts millions of tourists. As the number of applications for use with smart devices has increased, Yehliu Geopark plans to strength Yehliu e-Tour System using GIS for supporting Android and iOS devices and therefore stimulating the interaction between tourists and the e-tour service system.


To improve the quality of tourism services, Yehliu Geopark has developed the e-tour service systems for Windows Mobile and Android devices that provide the travel service with multi-media information such as text description, audio play, pictures, and combined GIS and GPS functions. Through downloading the application, Geopark in Google Play or App Stores, tourists can easily view the feature information of each scenic spot.


The new version of Yehliu e-Tour System makes the information about the surrounding of the park more interactive and digitally manipulable. Moreover, some rich games and Augmented Reality (AR) are added to allow tourists to intuitively attain the scenic spot positions. Besides, Hot News is offered to receive the periodical park event information.


In this project, SuperGIS Mobile Tour and SuperGIS Mobile Engine were adopted to develop a Yehliu e-Tour System, which contains GPS function, scenic spot guidance, Augmented Reality (AR) and basic GIS functions. After running the multi-media tour system in the park, the tourists can freely select the built-in tour routes or create their own tour route by adding scenic spots to visit.


The e-Tour System serves five major functions including Start, Scenery Introduction, Event Stamp, Hot News, and System Settings to offer enjoyable visit in the park. It not only delivers a new way to discover and learn the natural sceneries and features of the Yehliu Geopark but also helps the local government save great on producing flyers and printing cost.


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