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gvSIG 2.1 Released

The gvSIG Association announces the publishing of the gvSIG 2.1 final version. This version, that is the first one based on the new architecture oriented to users, has a lot of new features as you can see now. Besides the new functionalities and the correction of a great number of errors that have been detected thanks to the community collaboration, ...

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I Cátedra gvSIG Contest: Works with free GIS

The aim of the Cátedra gvSIG is to create a meeting point for users interested in free space technologies. In order to foment an environment of shared knowledge and participating in the dissemination of free geomatics, the chair organizes this international contest to encourage all gvSIG users and free Geographic Information Systems users to share and give visibility to their ...

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10th International gvSIG Conference: reports, posters and articles

We would like to inform you of the availability of presentations, posters and articles presented during the 10th International gvSIG Conference [1], which were held from December 3rd to 5th in Valencia (Spain). The videos of the report sessions and workshops are also available to be visualized online. All the videos are available with English and Spanish audio, excepting the ...

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Free workshops about “gvSIG 2.1 New features” and “Scripting on gvSIG 2.1″

On Friday December 5th, there will be two workshops, free of charge, about “gvSIG 2.1 New features” and “Scripting on gvSIG 2.1” at the 10th International gvSIG Conference (Valencia (Spain)). Both workshops will have Spanish-English simultaneous interpretation. All the information about them  is at the gvSIG blog: In reference to the Scripting workshop, if you are interested ...

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“Introduction to GIS” Course in English free of charge

The gvSIG-Training e-Learning platform opens its registration period for the “Basic GIS with gvSIG” MOOC in English, given by the gvSIG Association and GISMAP. This MOOC aims to show the use and potentiality of the open source software gvSIG in performing the most common operations during the workflow in a GIS environment. This Course is addressed to beginners as well ...

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10th International gvSIG Conference: “Strategies for the 21st Century”

The 10th International gvSIG Conference, organized by the gvSIG Association, will be held from December 3rd to 5th at La Petxina Sports-Cultural Complex (Valencia - Spain), under the slogan “Strategies for the 21st Century”. Call for papers is now open. As of today communication proposals can be sent to the email address they will be evaluated by the ...

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Calling for gvSIG Community: Translations

The necessary tasks in gvSIG 2.1 for maintenance and management of translations in the different languages have been carried out already. Now they have to be updated in order to have the final version with as many languages as possible.

The participation of the Community is fundamental in order to get this objective.

If you are interested in collaborating with the existing languages updating, as well as in translating gvSIG 2.1 to a new language.

Translations that aren't finished when the final version is released will be published as a package to be loaded from the gvSIG Add-ons manager.

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Program of the 9th International gvSIG Conference available

The program of the 9th International gvSIG Conference, that will be held from November 27th to 29th at La Petxina Sports-Cultural Complex (Valencia - Spain), is now available.

The provisional program is available with the paper sessions and workshops on the Conference web page [1]

All the presentations given at the Conference on Wednesday and Thursday, and the workshops given in Friday, will have simultaneous interpretation (Spanish-English and English-Spanish).

Registrations are free of cost (limited capacity) and must be done through the application form on the Conference web page [2].

For further information, please consult the Conference website [3]

In the next days we will give you more information about the presentations and workshops at the gvSIG blog [4]

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New repository for gvSIG Scripts

We open a new section at the gvSIG Outreach website to be used as a repository for gvSIG scripts [1] , allowing to consult examples, search by categories [2] and value every script. This repository is born with the objective to be fed in an easy way by the community, allowing users who want to participate to upload [3] their scripts directly.

As it is known, one of the new features in the version 2 of gvSIG is an environment for development and running of scripts that interact with the application. These scripts allow us to automate small tasks or add functionalities that we need.

The language that has been chosen from the gvSIG project to support scripting is Jython, that is an implementation of the Python language that is run in the Java virtual machine (JVM). It allows to be integrated with gvSIG completely.

Beyond the utility of each script, join to the guide for developers [4], this repository will be a compendium of examples that will allow the users that are interested in them to learn to develop their own scripts. 

For loading the scripts that are available at the repository in gvSIG you can consult the following video [5].

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Slashgeo is a proud media partner of the 9th International gvSIG Conference

This year again Slashgeo will be a proud media partner of the 9th International gvSIG Conference to be held from November 27th to 29th in Valencia, Spain.

From their objectives: "So what does this have to do with technology? Everything! In the XXI century, can anyone imagine technology as not part of strategic sectors? There is practically no activity or progress, whether industrial, social or within the business environment where technology is not a fundamental aspect. In this sense, and by following the example of where sovereignty lies, whether with the people or within the financial markets, what we need to ask ourselves is whether we govern technology or if technology governs us. [...] We are again talking about the need of having access to knowledge, and when it comes to software, knowledge is only possible if we are talking about free software, which provides us with technological independence, which enables us to at least aspire to be Sovereign. It is a Matter of Sovereignty, which is the main idea that we are claiming in the 9th International gvSIG Conference in Valencia."

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