OpenStreetMap to the Rescue: Nepal Earthquake

While we quickly tweeted OpenStreetMap efforts regarding the crisis in Nepal, we haven’t posted on the blog yet, which we now do! There are numerous places where you’ll find info and status reports, but I suspect the best place to start is with the Nepal earthquake OpenStreetMap wiki page.

From the page: “Our goal is to contribute to humanitarian relief by rapidly providing a detailed and accurate map (i.e., road network, villages, buildings, etc.) to support the humanitarian organizations. These services help locate people at risk efficiently, and facilitate the delivery of goods and services to remote areas. OSM Tasking Manager to coordinate the mapping by the contributors.” The following image is taken from a MapBox entry providing some numbers on user contributions on OpenStreetMap in the first few days; “more than mappers have recorded 13,199 new miles of roads and 110,681 new buildings”. Open collaboration works!

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