New repository for gvSIG Scripts

We open a new section at the gvSIG Outreach website to be used as a repository for gvSIG scripts [1] , allowing to consult examples, search by categories [2] and value every script. This repository is born with the objective to be fed in an easy way by the community, allowing users who want to participate to upload [3] their scripts directly.

As it is known, one of the new features in the version 2 of gvSIG is an environment for development and running of scripts that interact with the application. These scripts allow us to automate small tasks or add functionalities that we need.

The language that has been chosen from the gvSIG project to support scripting is Jython, that is an implementation of the Python language that is run in the Java virtual machine (JVM). It allows to be integrated with gvSIG completely.

Beyond the utility of each script, join to the guide for developers [4], this repository will be a compendium of examples that will allow the users that are interested in them to learn to develop their own scripts. 

For loading the scripts that are available at the repository in gvSIG you can consult the following video [5].

We invite you to upload your gvSIG scripts!

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