Explore the power of ArcGIS Geodatabase

The geodatabase is the common data storage and management framework for ArcGIS. It combines “geo” (spatial data) with “database” (data repository) to create a central data repository for spatial data storage and management. It can be leveraged in desktop, server, or mobile environments and allows users to store GIS data in a central location for easy access and management.

Learning ArcGIS Geodatabases is a comprehensive and practical guide that is ideal for readers who are interested in learning about ArcGIS. The book is packed with real-world examples showcasing the use of ArcGIS Geodatabase to build mapping applications in web, desktop, and mobile. Readers will be comfortable with datasets, annotations, and relationship classes, making it easier to migrate from a legacy database to an ArcGIS geodatabase. This will help create a sturdy design that can sustain large edits and decrease maintenance.

This book is aimed at geospatial developers who want to work with ArcGIS geodatabases as well as manage them efiiciently. Having knowledge of building a geodatabase from scratch isn’t necessary. This book is ideal for those who want to use ArcGIS geodatabase for the first time, or for those who want to migrate from their existing legacy database to a geodatabase.

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