Handy Maps

Bloggage update:  With the European elections coming up, I canvass my neighbourhood for my French party. This is a classic traveling salesman problem: where are my compatriots and how can I best reach them? The electoral list I received  is confidential, so I carry around on my smartphone to canvass a map showing local compatriots in my loaded on arcgis but only seen from my login. 

In order to share the same, I strip the file I geocoded in arcgis of non-geo identifiers, and repost the data with OS Vectormap TL for the street network. Et voila! DIY maps are as easy as… 
  1. load a spreadsheet to geocode quickly&easily on arcgis
  2. read it on my smartphone to help me canvass my neighbourhood
  3. clean it and strip it of any secure info to share publicly 

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