Slashgeo’s Summer Break

A few good news!

  • While there are a few glitches, the new Slashgeo site launched last week works rather fine. I’m aware that the RSS feed is not displaying lists as nice as it could, and if you find anything else that could be improved, let us know! That’s right, we haven’t reinstated the contact form yet, but you can reach us in the comments section of any post
  • We are mostly up to date! All pertinent geonews for June were published
  • But it’s time for a Summer break! I’ll be away camping with my wife and daughters, with no electricity, and be back to work in mid-August. Just like we did since, don’t worry, we’ll catch up and share any pertinent geonews during the month of August
  • I know other Slashgeo editors plan to publish content in the coming weeks, so you won’t be left entirely in the dark
  • We should be back to full speed after the Summer, and of course, as usual, everyone is welcomed to contribute in any way they like

That’s it, enjoy life and your geospatial reality! — Alex for Slashgeo

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