Recent Slashgeo Donations - Thank You!

At Slashgeo, we aggregate and publish geonews on a volunteering basis and we benefit from user donations that contribute paying the hosting fees. I’d like to sincerely thank Max Galka who made a significant donation to Slashgeo. Such contributions not only reduce the financial burden of hosting this site we provide for the community, but also energize us! Thank you Max :-)

I must also thank Andrew Zolnai for his financial contribution, Andrew also regularly submit content to Slashgeo. Thanks Andrew! All contributions are welcomed, even if it’s only 5$. Major donors are listed in the ‘Top Slashgeo Donors’ box on every Slashgeo page. And of course, you can also contribute great geospatial content to be published, which is essentially our main value at Slashgeo. Sincere regards — Alex for Slashgeo.

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