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GIS 2go: New app for offline access to ArcGIS maps from tablets

The new service GIS 2go by Disy Informationssysteme GmbH transfers maps from ArcGIS Desktop to tablets (Android or iPad), providing users with access to all GIS and media data wherever they are, even when offline. All information on GIS 2go can be found. Disy offers also free trial-account for interested users.

Disy Informationssysteme GmbH, a leading provider of innovative GIS and Reporting solutions for spatial and non-spatial data, now created a new app and service for offline maps for tablets. GIS 2go is the world's first solution which allows users to easily save Esri's ArcGIS Desktop maps to their tablets (iPad or Android). The GIS 2 go add-in for ArcGIS Desktop supports data selection, map export and re-import via the cloud. With the app "Cadenza Mobile GIS 2go" installed on a tablet, users have immediate access to their maps, including all attribute data and media – even if they are offline in the field. Graphic notes and media created on the go can also be imported back into ArcGIS Desktop.

Users can interactively navigate on the map while on the go. Moreover, it is possible to show attribute data and use the graphic notebook to add points, lines and areas or track them via GPS. This information can be complemented with photos and audio/video recordings or text notes. Data captured on the go can easily be imported into ArcGIS Desktop and stored to the local database or file system.

How to save and use mobile maps on a tablet is described in 4 easy steps. Moreover, all features and pricing information as well as the tutorials and FAQ published on the website.

A personal demo account is offered for interested users in order to test GIS 2go on their mobile device. The demo-account is free of charge and without any obligation.


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Transform Your GIS Needs To Business Objectives

Greetings from Fleming Gulf!

With 3 weeks to go, the Geo-Empower Middle East Summit to be held from 16th to 18th September at Habtoor Grand Beach Resorts & Spa in Dubai; will explore the complimentary roles of government, private industry and the academic community in realizing better means for sharing geographic data and technologies and developing improved location-based services for meeting real world needs.

25+ Speakers | 100+ Delegates | 15+ Countries | 3 Special Case Studies

Creating Overall Awareness On Geospatial Technology Capabilities In Meeting Global Challenges.


Key Speakers Key Topics
  • ENG. TAREQ ALEMADI, Office of H.H. Sheikha Moza Bint Nasser, State of Qatar, Head-IT
  • DR. IMAD Y. HOBALLAH, Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, Republic of Lebanon, Acting Chairman and CEO & Head of Telecommunications Unit
  • DR. SWARNA SUBBA RAO, Survey of India, Republic of India, Surveyor General of India
  • BRIGADIOR GENERAL DR. ENG. AWNI MOHD. KASAWNEH, Royal Jordanian Geographic Centre, Jordan, Director General
  • ABDULLA ALMALEK, Qatar Ports Management Company, State of Qatar, Manager-IT

Click here to see a list of Speakers

  • Dubai Municipality- Vission & Mission*
  • Geospatial Technology for Telecommunications
  • NSDI to support Bahrain’s National Geospatial Development
  • Geospatial for Smart Utilities: SEWA Experience
  • Issues and Challenges in Geospatial Information Management
  • Indispensable Role of Geospatial in Governance-India Case Study
  • Regional policies boosting the geospatial growth in the region
  • Status & future of geospatial technology in the region

Download Full Information About The Summit


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Sustainable Development And A Better Environment Through Geospatial Technologies

GIS technology has proven to be powerful and effective in delivering  decision-making tools that help economic developers to conduct analysis, display and disseminate results to sustain economic recovery and growth.The Geo-Empower Middle East Summit scheduled to take place from 16th to 18th September, in Dubai aims at enriching the geospatial outlook in the Middle East, which comprises of the geospatial solution providers, users, policy makers and the academicians.
Industry veteran and speaker at the summit, Dr. Haidar M. Fraihat, Director-ICT Division from United Nations ESCWA, Lebanon, says "The space technology is becoming more and more recognized as an important resource in materializing more economic development for the various countries of the world, developed and developing. The purpose of my intervention is to outline the peaceful uses of outer space technologies and their impact on development. It falls under the universally adopted term of ICT4all. This is one of the areas that UN-ESCWA is recognizing as means of advancing its work program in the Arab region."
BAE Systems, a leading provider for Geospatial solutions, will exhibit at the summit by showcasing their entire line of geospatial products available to the region. BAE Systems is committed to developing advanced products to improve geospatial productivity. Their products such as Geospatial Exploitation Products (GXP) develops licensed software capabilities and geospatial technology for a global clientele.
While recognizing the increasing importance and benefits of geospatial technologies for all round development, it is crucial to foster an enabling, trustworthy, transparent and non-discriminatory environment that promotes the responsible and effective use of its capabilities. The summit offers extraordinary opportunities to solution providers in the geospatial industry to participate and meet over 100 attendees who are keen to adopt or revamp their current GIS assets. Sponsors of the summit include Microsoft UltraCam and Space Imaging Middle East, who will exhibit services and products that enable companies transform their GIS needs to business objectives. The summit is a confluence of a variety of streams, ranging from plenary sessions, technology workshops, panel discussions and case studies from across the world.

About Fleming Gulf
Founded in, Fleming Gulf is young, dynamic and has fast become one of the leading providers of business intelligence through industry specific conferences, webinars and skills enhancement training courses.
Fleming Gulf delivers the most comprehensive business events by leveraging our network of industry influencers with specialist knowledge to provide organisations the winning edge that makes a difference in their decision making in today's competitive business landscape.
We are committed to provide our partners - speakers, delegates, exhibitors, sponsors and supporters - a unique learning experience where they can find stimulating topics, engaging conversations and meet the biggest names within their field
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Fraunhofer IGD Partnership With Safe Introduces HALE, The Editor For Conceptual Schema Mapping

Vancouver B.C., Canada, Darmstadt, Germany, June 24

Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research IGD announces today that they have teamed up with Safe Software to bring together FME and HALE, the HUMBOLDT Alignment Editor for conceptual schema mapping. The upcoming release of FME will allow for a direct link from FME to HALE.

HALE is a schema mapping application with real-time transformation and validation features. It addresses the conceptual integration of different schemas used to model geodata, one of the most complex tasks in geodata harmonisation. Based on this conceptual integration, HALE transforms data from a source schema to a target schema such as an INSPIRE GML application schema.  With this functionality HALE provides an important and effective addition to FME.

“HALE works especially well with advanced schemas, such as CityGML. It makes complex data structures accessible”, says Thorsten Reitz, inventor of HALE and now the HALE development community manager at the Data Harmonisation Panel (DHP). HALE is available as open source software from the DHP. Fraunhofer IGD as the main developer of this software and active partner in the DHP has initiated and implemented the integration with FME. They will sustain this joint effort by supporting the customers with their development services.

For FME users, access to HALE means that there is now a user-friendly workflow to bring data from any supported format such as an Esri File GDB to any GML 3.1/3.2 Application Schema. HALE is integrated as a GML Writer that can be used at the end of any transformation process in FME. FME can thus be used to perform input format conversion and to do merges, joins or geometric transformations, while the HALE GML Writer is used to make mapping to the output schema a simple and efficient process.

“The integration of HALE with FME provides XML creators with additional options to transform data into very complex schemas,” says Dale Lutz, Co-CEO and Vice President of Development at Safe Software.  “Not only does it remove input format barriers for HALE users, it also provides a powerful and scalable automation platform for their transformations.”

The HALE extension for FME is currently in beta and will soon be available with the FME release.


About Safe Software and FME

Safe Software is the maker of FME and the pioneering global leader in spatial data transformation technology. FME empowers users to confidently transform spatial data so it can be used and shared - where, when and how it's needed. Available in seven languages, FME's unmatched transformation capabilities and support for 300+ spatial and non-spatial formats enable you to quickly overcome data challenges so you can focus on your objectives. Discover why leading vendors and thousands of organizations worldwide rely on FME to quickly overcome barriers to using and sharing data.


About Fraunhofer IGD

Fraunhofer IGD is the world's leading institute for applied research in Visual Computing. Visual Computing is image- and model-based information technology. It includes computer graphics, computer vision, as well as virtual and augmented reality. Fraunhofer IGD develops prototypes and complete solutions pursuant to customer-specific requirements. The researchers at Fraunhofer IGD use, record and process images and graphics for all conceivable computer-based applications. The research and development projects of Fraunhofer IGD directly relate to current business issues. The application spectrum of the concepts, models and practical solutions is as diverse as it is specialized. It ranges from virtual product design via medical science, transportation all the way to multi-media learning and training.

The department Spatial Information Management at Fraunhofer IGD focuses on topics related to semantic information management and spatial information visualisation within Spatial Data Infrastructures and 3D GIS. It is the main developer of the HALE tool, which is available as open source software from the DHP.


About Data Harmonisation Panel (DHP)

The Data Harmonisation Panel (DHP) was established by a consortium with partners from the European project HUMBOLDT (2006-2011) within the InGeoForum of the ZGDV e.V. The objective of DHP is to promote the HUMBOPLDT Toolset as open source software within the European Community based on the LGPL license model. The most active and innovative module is the HUMBOLDT Alignment Editor HALE. It was and will be further developed and is actively used in different European and other projects. DHP also offers a training platform for the Community.

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Want to showcase your Products and Services in the Middle East market?

Showcase your company’s advanced solutions, services and expertise
at the most important and
high-level Geospatial event in the Middle East

Dear Industry Professional,

SlashGEO recommends you to attend the “Geo-Empower Middle East Summit” from 16-18th September in Dubai, which would provide a connecting platform to bridge the gap between the geospatial and the economic community. 

A 3 day summit will see leading analysts, policy makers, end-users, technology providers and academicians discuss the status and future of Geospatial technology in the MENA region.

  • Local Governance
  • Infrastructure & Utilities
  • Oil & Gas
  • Land Administration
  • 3D Modeling for Smart Cities
  • Spatial Data Infrastructure for National Development
  • Calculating the ROI of Geospatial projects


Reserve your meeting space today

Register your company to receive:

  • An opportunity to conduct workshops at the conference – your chance to showcase your expertise and enhance your brand profile to the leading decision-makers in the Geospatial community.
  • An exhibition stand or meeting space in a high traffic area of the conference – a space to meet key targets, demonstrate your capabilities and ultimately win business.
  • Hosting a lunch or a social function - a great opportunity to entertain clients, prospects and other conference attendees in a more informal atmosphere.

Meet the Users of Your Technology

Municipalities | Ministries | Public Works Authorities | National Oil & Gas companies | National Utility companies | National Transport companies | Town Planning Departments | GIS Directorates | Defence & Security Authorities | Surveying agencies | National Environmental Agencies

Looking forward to your reply.           

Best Regards,


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Geo-Empower Middle East Summit, 16-18th September in Dubai

Geospatial Technology for Strengthening Economy and Advancing National Priorities in Middle East and North Africa Region.

In the era of information technology and rapid advancement in computing, decision making has become more informed and scientific and 'Geospatial Technology' has emerged as a leading application with its diverse use. Today, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is going through a period of unprecedented change. A multi-sectoral and cross-industry approach is needed at the national and regional level and successful implementation of geospatial technology can lead to overcoming potential barriers for growth.

Fleming Gulf's “Geo-Empower Middle East Summit” that will take place between 16-18th September in Dubai will provide a connecting platform to bridge the gap between the geospatial and the economic community. This one-of-a-kind, three-day summit will see leading analysts, policy makers, end-users, technology providers and academicians discuss the status and future of geospatial technology in the MENA region.

The chairman of summit Prof. Abbas Rajabifard, Department of Infrastructure Engineering, Director, Center for SDI and Land Administration, School of Engineering, The University of Melbourne, Australia, Head said, “I look forward to welcoming all delegates to the Geo-Empower Middle East Summit in Dubai, UAE. This conference will provide a leading opportunity to share and discuss the value of geospatial information in empowering our economies & societies, and also to explore innovative approaches for spatially enabling the industries across all sectors, local & national governments, and individual citizens.”

Topics such as Geospatial Technology for Telecommunication and Smart Utilities along with Geo-enabled Construction & Infrastructure Development in State of Qatar will impart knowledge on the delegation gathered. Interactive panel session's that throw light on developing Geospatial Development Mechanisms (Enabling funding of geospatial projects) that will aid promotion of investments in geospatial technology and geospatial technology transfer mechanisms is also be a part of the 3 day summit. Supported by Dubai Taxi Corporation, The Economic Commission for Western Asia (ECWA), Central Informatics Organisation(CIO), the summit is also sponsored by Microsoft’s UltraCam and Space Imaging Middle East (SIME).


About Fleming Gulf

Founded in, Fleming Gulf is young, dynamic and has fast become one of the leading providers of business intelligence through industry specific conferences, webinars and skills enhancement training courses.

Fleming Gulf delivers the most comprehensive business events by leveraging our network of industry influencers with specialist knowledge to provide organisations the winning edge that makes a difference in their decision making in today's competitive business landscape.

We are committed to provide our partners - speakers, delegates, exhibitors, sponsors and supporters - a unique learning experience where they can find stimulating topics, engaging conversations and meet the biggest names within their field.

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OpenGeo Completes $3 Million Series A Financing and Launches as Independent Open Source Software Company

New York, NY, May 15 — OpenGeo, the creators of the OpenGeo Suite, the world’s leading open source geospatial software platform, announced a $3 million Series A investment from Vanedge Capital of Vancouver, British Columbia. Simultaneous with the funding event, the company has spun out from its incubator parent, OpenPlans, and is boosting OpenGeo’s product and customer-support initiatives.

"We are thrilled to be working with Vanedge.” said Eddie Pickle, OpenGeo CEO. “The Vanedge team understands the huge opportunity in the geospatial software space. Their investment is very timely given the tremendous demand for open source, Spatial IT solutions among government and commercial enterprises worldwide."

The OpenGeo Suite is widely used for managing and sharing spatial data. OpenGeo has led the industry shift toward flexible, interoperable geospatial software infrastructures and will use this Series A funding to further enhance its industry-leading product and training offerings and reach a broader array of customers.

Moe Kermani, partner at Vanedge Capital, noted, "OpenGeo has developed an impressive customer roster who are using its product offerings in mission-critical software applications. The paradigm shift toward web and mobile geospatial services is well underway and is permanently altering the Spatial IT landscape. We believe this shift heavily favors open source and the OpenGeo Suite, which is ideally situated to become the de facto geospatial platform."

The Vanedge-led investment enables OpenGeo to complete its separation from tech incubator OpenPlans, which founded OpenGeo. "We are proud that our incubation with OpenPlans has been so successful," noted Chris Holmes, OpenGeo’s founder. "We look forward to growing our contributions to open source communities as a dedicated open source geospatial software company."

About Vanedge Capital

Vanedge Capital is a Vancouver, B.C. based venture capital fund focused on investments in interactive entertainment and digital media businesses. The fund managers have extensive experience and relationships in this sector and have built and led world-class companies in video games, computer animation and enterprise software, among others.

About OpenGeo

OpenGeo is the world leader for commercial open source geospatial software. Our global customer base uses the OpenGeo Suite, a complete open source geospatial web services stack, to deploy solutions for web mapping, transportation, telecommunications, open government and a huge range of other solutions. The OpenGeo Suite provides the best, continually updated geo web services platform along with maintenance agreements that include support and training. These agreements provide our customers with superior value and the growing functionality of continually enhanced open source geospatial software.

OpenGeo supports open source communities by employing key developers of PostGIS, GeoServer, and OpenLayers. We are committed to the ideals of open source and aim to bring the best practices of open source software to organizations around the world.

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IEEE Distinguished Lecture, Eastern Canada in Quebec City: Contribution of Geomatics to Systems-of-Systems (SoS) & Systems Engineering

IEEE GOLD Section Quebec announces a DL event organized in collaboration with Centre de Recherche en Géomatique (CRG) - Université Laval on 23 May in Laval University, Quebec City. Paul E. Gartz member of the Boeing Technical Fellowship,former president of IEEE AESS, and IEEE global lecturer is the invited speaker. With over forty years of experience in large-scale and multi-billion dollar programs on commercial, defense, and civil project in aerospace and communications industries, Paul will talk about “Systems-of-Systems (SoS) & Systems Engineering” and “How Geomatics Apps are Changing the World through SoS“ in two exclusive sessions (morning and afternoon). The third session (evening) is dedicated to networking among the participants.  

When: 23 May

Where: Room #2320, Pavilion Kruger, 2425, rue de la Terrasse, Université Laval, Quebec City

Speaker: Paul E. Gartz, member of Boeing Technical Fellowship, former president of IEEE AESS, IEEE global lecturer

Event Program:

9:00 am – 10:30 am: “Systems-of-Systems (SoS) & Systems Engineering / Educating 21st Century Engineers”

3:00 pm – 4:30 pm: “How Geomatics Apps are Changing the World through SoS”

5:00 pm – 7:00 pm: Networking


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Create interactive maps with Geoserver using Packt’s new book and e-book.

GeoServer Beginner's Guide is a new book from Packt that teaches the readers to build custom maps using the dynamic real-time geospatial information. With the help of this book, readers will learn sharing of real-time maps quickly.

About the Authors:

Stefano Iacovella, a GIS developer, consultant and course instructor, has a Ph.D in Geology. He has been using GeoServer since the release of Version 1.5; configuring, deploying, and hacking it in several projects. Some of the other GFOSS projects he mainly uses and likes are GDAL/OGR libraries, PostGIS, QGIS, and OpenLayers.

Brian was the founding partner and Chief Technology Officer for IntelliTours, a GPS-guided multimedia tour in the past. A combined passion in Drupal and scalable GIS solutions led him to adopt GeoServer for rapidly changing geospatial data stores.

Filled with plenty of examples along-with screenshots and code, the book begins with installation instructions and moves on to core topics such as accessing geospatial data from database, building custom maps, creating styles for lines, points, and polygons for great looking maps. Readers will also learn to easily integrate geospatial data into web-based applications.

This book takes readers through topics such as configuring Geoserver proxy for remote data access using REST, tuning Geoserver instance for performance, displaying data on web-based interactive maps, and embedding images to visualize data for web visitors. In addition to these, readers will also learn advanced topics for extending GeoServer's capabilities.

The chapters emphasized in this book are:

Chapter 1: GIS Fundamentals

Chapter 2: Getting Started with GeoServer

Chapter 3: Exploring the Administrative Interface

Chapter 4: Accessing Layers

Chapter 5: Adding Your Data

Chapter 6: Styling Your Layers

Chapter 7: Creating Simple Maps

Chapter 8: Performance and Caching

Chapter 9: Automating Tasks: GeoServer REST Interface

Chapter 10: Securing GeoServer Before Production

Chapter 11: Tuning GeoServer in a Production Environment

Chapter 12: Going Further: Getting Help and Troubleshooting

Web developers with knowledge of server side scripting and experience in installing applications on the server will find this book interesting to read.

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