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Attendee list just announced for the 3rd Annual Location Business Summit

TripAdvisor, Google, PayPal, Heineken, LocalSocial, Qubulus, AKQA, Ogilvy, Vodafone and 120+ LBS and Mobile Marketing professionals to meet in Amsterdam – Attendee list just announced for the 3rd Annual Location Business Summit.


The attendee list for the 3rd annual Location Business Summit has just been announced. 120+ senior-level location and mobile business professionals are meeting in Amsterdam (May 22-23rd) to analyse business strategies, discuss the SoLoMo revolution and identify the winning revenue streams.


At present, the location industry giants have a firm grip on the market space. However, with the influx of start-ups and innovative companies coming to the fore, a key thought on their minds is how to establish a successful strategy for survival. This is clearly an issue which needs addressing, alongside whether or not LBS service providers are really answering the needs of advertisers and brands.


Business models and revenue streams might be the most important issue right now, but at The Location Business Summit, over 120 senior executives will be examining all of the trends which are set to revolutionise the mobile and location industry. From indoor location to social location and mobile marketing, they’ll be revealing how to monetize location and provide a crucial strategy to win the campaigns of global brands.


VP of North America and Europe for TheWhereBusiness, Naomi Hands commented, ‘This year we have seen a huge shift in focus towards geo-targeted marketing and location based advertising. With a massive uptake in global brands utilising these services in their marketing efforts, without a doubt this is the year that we should be excited about.’


The high level of attendees include CEO’s, CMO’s, Head of Mobile and Directors of Marketing for some of the world leading companies putting their effort into LBS and Mobile strategies.

Companies include the likes of Google, TripAdvisor, Nokia, TomTom, Sygic, PayPal, Orange, Everything Everywhere, T-Mobile, YOOSE, AKQA, Ogilvy and many many more.


Naomi also commented ‘This year the LBS Summit is here to bring together likeminded professionals in the perfect, intimate environment for making those business deals happen. With support from the MMA, OGC, LBMA and many more industry associations; it’s one that’s not to be missed’.



About TheWhereBusiness:

TheWhereBusiness publishes news and events for those involved in the navigation and location ecosystem. Through high-end B2B conferences, we connect people across the industry, provide market leading intelligence and enable companies to capitalise on emerging business opportunities in location-based services, navigation, geo-web, tracking and mobile advertising; basically, anything that involves location, context or maps! Through continuous independent research with hundreds of companies and dedicated journalists, our news portal keeps you one step ahead of an industry in flux, and our events provide key networking forums for the industry.

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OpenGeo Hosts User Meeting at FOSS4G North America

Sponsor Day Programming Highlights OpenGeo’s Vision

New York, NY, April 18, — OpenGeo, successfully held the first OpenGeo User Meeting on April 12, during Sponsor Day at FOSS4G North America in Washington DC. As Eddie Pickle, OpenGeo CEO, mentioned: “FOSS4G North America and Sponsor Day would not have been possible without our fellow Gold Sponsor RadiantBlue and Venue Sponsor RedHat.”

Eddie Pickle began the day with an overview of OpenGeo, its clients, and a vision of its future. This was followed by a detailed look into the OpenGeo technical roadmap led by Tim Schaub, OpenGeo CTO. Building on the technical roadmap presentation, various OpenGeo developers gave technical demonstrations led by Juan Marin Otero, Senior Implementation Specialist: Justin Deoliveira presented on the future of web-based spatial processing in GeoServer, WPS, Geoscript; Paul Ramsey discussed the state of Spatial IT and how it differs from the conventional desktop-based GIS paradigm; Tim Schaub presented on building applications for web and mobile audiences using the latest features in OpenLayers and GeoExt/GXP; and Matt Priour announced the recent launch of MapStory, a platform for telling stories with maps based on GeoNode. These presentations provided users with an inside view of the latest existing and planned capabilities of OpenGeo technologies.

During the Sponsor Day lunch, a policy-focused panel comprising speakers from RedHat, the US Department of Defense, and the Institute for Defense Analysis discussed policy initiatives related to the acceptance and implementation of open source software within the federal government.

The afternoon sessions began when Dr. Christopher Tucker, a key advocate for open source and open standards within the US government, delivered an inspiring message on the “Open Future”. This was followed by panels highlighting successful deployments of OpenGeo technology that featured open source geospatial innovators and practitioners from over a dozen government agencies including the US Department of State, FCC, NOAA, NGA, Army Geospatial Center, and the New York City Department of Information Technology and Telecommunication (DoITT).

Commenting on the OpenGeo User Meeting, Eddie Pickle noted, "OpenGeo is looking to provide the best possible educational opportunities for users of the OpenGeo Suite. Sponsor Day at FOSS4G North America allowed us to support both FOSS4G North America and our software users. The day proved to be an exciting and informative forum on the open source geospatial ecosystem and how OpenGeo fits into its future."

About OpenGeo

OpenGeo is a social enterprise working to build the best web-based geospatial technology. The company brings the best practices of open source software to geospatial organizations around the world by providing enterprises with supported, tested, and integrated open source solutions to build the Geospatial Web. OpenGeo also supports open source communities by employing key developers of PostGIS, GeoServer, and OpenLayers. Since, the company has provided successful consulting services and products to clients like the World Bank, US Department of State, NYC DoITT, Ordnance Survey Great Britain, SFMTA, Portland TriMet, MassGIS, GeoScience Australia, NOAA and the Federal Communications Commission. OpenGeo is the geospatial division of OpenPlans, a New York-based 501(c)(3) non-profit that informs and engages communities through journalism and open source software. All of OpenGeo's revenue has been and will continue to be re-invested into innovative and useful software in support of the OpenPlans mission.

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ECNESOFT Has Launched A Truly All-Integrated-POS System for Retail, Restaurant, and Hospitality Markets

ECNESOFT has launched a truly All-Integrated-POS system-IMPREX to meet the different market segments. This advanced POS system is suitable for retail, restaurant, and hospitality markets. IMPREX has been designed by ECNESOFT to be a versatile, compact, flexible, and reliable touch screen POS system.  It can be optionally integrated with a Thermal Receipt Printer, Magnetic Stripe Reader, Smart Card Reader, VFD, type Customer Display, or 12” 2nd Display.

This pioneering integrated POS system has multipurpose benefits and its unique and intelligent design make it suitable for a wide range of applications. This POS software system can be installed at the physical location of your store where goods are sold to clienteles. Upon installing it will automate several areas of your business including, point of sale, accounts payable and receivables, automatic price updates and creation of purchase orders, scanning of barcode, customer tracking, electronic ordering, inventory control, and much more.  To learn more about IMPREX.

Apart from the IMPRIX, ECNESOFT offers many other cutting edge point of sale equipment, like AnyShop, SlimPOS, miniO, IBM AnyPlace KIOSK, and many more for businesses to grow and develop in a smart manner. ECNESOFT also provides tailored and easy to install, operate, and manage restaurant point of sale software, POS retail software, and POS software system for a number of varied industries. These ingenuously designed and developed points of sale software are guaranteed to offer success to businesses in today’s highly competitive, technology-driven, and fast business environment.

ECNESOFT has been providing Point of Sale Solutions and Software to restaurants, retail, and wholesale industry. Its POS software system includes hardware, software, and complete support service to help retail store, restaurant and bar owners compete with the changing business needs. Its every proposed business solution is based on the proper understanding of your business nature, size, and uniqueness. Whether you are from restaurant, bar, retail, hospitality, or any other industry sector, ECNESOFT has the solution for you irrespective of your business uniqueness, size, and nature.

ECNESOFT every point of sale software is upgraded as per your business requirements before being offered to you. The technical team of ECNESOFT visits and installs new POS System in your shop. The additional support software is provided by the company itself to manage product barcode, product printing, system protection, tracking of customers, record maintaining, and much more.

Moreover, ECNESOFT provides full training to your staffs after the system installation.  Additionally, the company delivers various supports including remote support, on-site support, telephone support, and training support to help you make your business operations always run properly and smoothly.

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Roscommon County Council utilise Socium’s new Online Validation and Automatic Correction Service

Cambridge, UK, 27th March. Roscommon County Council has chosen Socium’s Online Validation and Automatic Correction Service to complete the quality assurance and fix up of their Irish MapRoads data.

Since its launch in November last year, a number of local authorities in Ireland have been utilising Socium’s Online Validation Service to identify and locate errors within their MapRoads data, which has proved extremely valuable. Roscommon County Council however, wanted to not only ensure that the data was accurate but also that it was associated with a truly connected road network and aligned correctly with the Ordnance Survey large scale road centreline dataset. To complete this manually would have taken months of work and Socium therefore fast tracked the launch of their new Automatic Correction Service so that they could offer a full end to end service, which not only identified the issues in the data, but also automatically fixed and re-aligned it for the council.

Roscommon found that this independent and automated rule approach was ideal for what they needed to achieve. The fact that the service was also cloud based, meant that the Council did not have to purchase any software, hardware or maintenance and could therefore easily complete the project on time and within budget.

Barry Doyle, GIS Officer, Roscommon County Council commented:

“Socium’s Online Validation and Automatic Correction Service proved a very useful and time saving tool and we believe that the service can save councils like us, many man months of work. We found the various rule checks identified issues that wouldn’t have otherwise been identified, no matter how much time was spent manually checking the data. Additionally the facility to automatically correct the data, by eliminating geometric and connectivity issues, while also re-aligning the road segments and road nodes with the Ordnance Survey line work, proved very valuable and ensures we have a database that is now fit for purpose.”

Duncan Guthrie, Managing Director, Socium Limited said:

“We are delighted to be working with Roscommon County Council to help them validate, correct and re-align their MapRoad Data. Barry was actually involved in the initial trials of the Online Validation Service before we went live last year and was one of the users involved in requesting the creation of the MapRoad Rules. We are therefore really pleased that now the rules and correction service is available, that he and other councils in Ireland are able to benefit from the huge time and cost savings that it provides.”


About Socium Limited

Socium is a wholly owned subsidiary of 1Spatial Group Ltd. As a Software as a Service company it opens up the world of data quality to everyone by offering new, online data validation and management services in the cloud. By doing so Socium are embracing technology trends and eliminating the need for users to invest in software or infrastructure, whilst still benefiting from state of the art technology.

Socium’s first offering, the Online Validation Service, provides an independent, simple and easy to use way of validating data against a set of standard or user-defined business rules in seconds.

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Orbit AIM sneak preview at ASPRS

Orbit AIM sneak preview at ASPRS

Lokeren, Belgium, March 21st.

Orbit GeoSpatial Technologies announces a sneak preview of the Asset Inventory Management product at ASPRS, Sacramento.

Orbit GT today announces that the upcoming release of Orbit’s Asset Inventory Management solution for Mobile Mapping will be showcased at the ASPRS convention in Sacramanto, CA, this week.  The sneak preview will be hosted at the Topcon booth.

“We are pleased to present a sneak preview of Orbit AIM at the Topcon booth”, says Peter Bonne, VP Business Development and Senior Product Manager at Orbit GT.  “We’ve been working hard on supporting really huge point clouds and this is a first presentation of our new release, due out in the next few weeks.  This update will give access to mobile mapping content, both imagery and point cloud, to the many.”

About Orbit GeoSpatial Technologies

Orbit Geospatial Technologies (Orbit GT) is located in Lokeren, Belgium, and operated since 1972 until under the name of Eurotronics.  Privately owned, Orbit GT has developed high level and multi-platform GIS solutions gaining market leadership in government, public safety and mapping industry businesses. 

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Studica Exhibits at Game Developer Conference

Sanborn, NY – Studica, Inc., the education source for software and technology products around the globe, is exhibiting at the Game Developer Conference (GDC). This will be Studica’s first presence as an Exhibitor at the show. GDC is renowned for being a central point to the digital games industry for inspiration and learning. The event is being held in San Francisco, California.

“We are very excited to be a part of GDC this year. We have secured many new product lines for education that focus on game development such as Unity, design3 and digital-tutors. This show is the perfect opportunity to immerse ourselves in the digital games industry so we can further build on offerings to help students along this growing career path.”– Frank Nanfara, President, Studica.

Studica offers great product lines that focus on animation, graphics, 3D sculpting, 3D modeling, 3D digital prototyping, 3D video games, interactive content and much more. These lines include Autodesk, Adobe, Avid, Unity and hundreds more. Studica is known for providing great customer service and value to academia. Attending events like GDC allows Studica to offer the latest technology that is on the forefront of growing industries.

About Studica
Studica is the education source for software and technology products. Utilizing a focused approach, Studica has outside and inside sales personnel, and an intuitive e-commerce site, an informative blog, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and Twitter feeds that work effectively together to serve the education community. Serving local and world education markets, Studica has offices in the US, Canada, the UK, Brazil, Greece, Denmark, Hungary, Australia and Mexico, with more planned in the near future.

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Andrew Zolnai puts Socium’s Online Validation Service to the test

Cambridge, UK, 7th March. Andrew Zolnai, an expert in GIS, has utilised Socium’s Online Validation Service (OVS) to automate the quality assurance process in his Medieval Fenlands wealth analysis project.  

The Medieval Fenlands Data is made up of base Ordnance Survey data and associated attribute information with the latter being populated through a manual process. To ensure the validity of the information being produced and therefore its value, a full data validation and correction process was required.

Andrew’s option for this validation was a manual inspection until learning about Socium’s OVS. By utilising a combination of standard rulesets and working with Socium to build specific validation rules, Andrew was able to automate the entire data validation process. This not only ensured the accuracy of the resulting changing wealth demographics, but as the OVS is cloud based there were no capex or infrastructure costs, a key aspect to Andrew when working within a limited budget.

The automation that the OVS provided Andrew meant that what would have been a lengthy quality assurance process was a simple and extremely time efficient activity. It also enabled Andrew to confidently publish his results on a number of online data sites.

Andrew Zolnai commented:

“Having been in this business for decades, I cannot see how data validation can be made any easier, while maintaining - indeed increasing - data integrity. I would highly rate the Online Validation Service and recommend other users of spatial data to get online and try the service out. If you have an issue or problem you are working with in a particular dataset, I would suggest getting in touch with them to see what rules they can create to help you overcome it.”

Duncan Guthrie, Managing Director, Socium said:

“We were delighted to work with Andrew to create the rules he needed to validate the data in his Medieval Fenlands GIS project. We offer the service of rule creation to all of our users and are very happy to hear about and help them with the many different challenges that they face with their spatial data. By creating the rules and adding them into the service, we are always making sure that our users are getting the best value and benefit from the service and would encourage anyone to get in touch with us that has a data challenge so that we can provide something that will quickly and easily be able to help them overcome it.”


About Socium Limited

Socium is a wholly owned subsidiary of 1Spatial Group Ltd. As a Software as a Service company it opens up the world of data quality to everyone by offering new, online data validation and management services in the cloud. By doing so Socium are embracing technology trends and eliminating the need for users to invest in software or infrastructure, whilst still benefiting from state of the art technology.

Socium’s first offering, the Online Validation Service, provides an independent, simple and easy to use way of validating data against a set of standard or user-defined business rules in seconds.

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ThinkGeo Targets Mobile GIS App Developers with Their New Map Suite MVC Edition

Frisco, TX – ThinkGeo has launched their new Map Suite MVC Edition software control, designed for .NET developers who need to create web-based GIS (Geographic Information System) applications.  Built upon the successful Map Suite GIS engine, MVC Edition is the first Map Suite control to be designed for the ASP.NET MVC framework, making it possible for developers to easily target mobile and touch-based devices and deliver GIS web apps across a wide variety of platforms.

Map Suite MVC Edition offers many performance and flexibility advantages to web developers when compared to the traditional Web Forms approach.  Perhaps most importantly, it gives developers full control over their web app’s presentation, allowing them deliver apps to touch-based mobile devices such as phones and tablets with much greater ease, using technologies like HTML5 and CSS3 and JavaScript libraries like jQuery.  GIS development with Map Suite MVC Edition will also result in better-performing applications, providing a client-optimized experience that removes much of the overhead associated with traditional ASP.NET Web Forms.

Additionally, the Model/View/Controller architecture of Map Suite MVC Edition means that development team members can easily work on separate parts of the application simultaneously, getting more done in less time.  And MVC Edition projects are easier to test, with the MVC model enabling independent and automated unit testing at each functional part of the operation flow.

Like the other products in ThinkGeo’s Map Suite line, Map Suite MVC Edition gives both developers and their customers access to a host of professional GIS features, including spatial queries, projections, geoprocessing, shape drawing/editing, thematic rendering, robust styling and labeling, and much more.  The majority of these features are available to client applications on full desktop-based browsers and on touch-based mobile devices alike.

Map Suite MVC Edition ships with over 100 mobile-friendly sample applications, designed to highlight the features, functionality and scalability of web apps you can build with the product.  MVC Edition’s sample apps are also available online, featuring a responsive web design that can be easily browsed on a mobile phone or tablet.

Map Suite MVC Edition is currently available as a public beta and can be purchased online from ThinkGeo’s web store.  Free 60-day evaluations are also available for download from ThinkGeo’s web site.  Customers who purchase the beta version will receive a free upgrade to the final release version.

ThinkGeo is an industry leader in GIS mapping components and customizable GPS tracking solutions.  The company offers a wide variety of high-quality geospatial products for software development, asset tracking and much more.  They have clients from a wide base of industries ranging from agriculture to aerospace.

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Danish government launches nation-wide sea-level rise flooding tool based on SCALGO computations

At a flooding conference in the Danish Parliament on February 3 the Danish Minister for the Environment launched a new nation-wide online interactive tool that maps the risk of flooding in Denmark due to rising sea-levels. The tool visualizes the flooded area for a (user-) given sea-level rise, and is part of the national climate change adaptation portal (klimatilpasning.dk/en-us) available to government specialist, as well as ordinary citizens. It is made possible by a computation performed by SCALGO on a very accurate 1.6 meter resolution raster terrain model for the entire country of Denmark. The detailed and thus massive model contains more than 20 billion cells. It was vital for the accuracy of the sea-level rise flooding tool that such a high quality model was used, since it ensured that dikes and other important features with small spatial extent were taken into account.

The SCALGO technology for processing massive terrain data on normal desktop computers was essential for the computation behind the sea-level rise flooding tool. Using the SCALGO Hydrology software package the computation can be performed on the entire model of Denmark (without thinning or tiling) in approximately a day and a half on a normal desktop computer with 4GB of main memory. Apart from a module for the sea-level rise flood mapping, the package also includes modules for computing flow accumulation, watersheds, and bluespots (maximal depressions). SCALGO also offers more advanced hydrological analysis computation services using in-house software, including the SCALGO Flash Flood Mapping product, which estimates the risk of flooding during extreme rain events. The mapping shows how much rain has to fall before any given cell of a detailed raster terrain is below water, and thus it also shows what part of the terrain is below water after a given amount of rain.

Scalable Algorithmics (SCALGO) was founded in with the mission to bring cutting-edge massive terrain data processing technology to market. The SCALGO technology is based on more than two decades of basic and applied research on I/O-efficient and geometric algorithms at Center for Massive Data Algorithmics (MADALGO) at Aarhus University in Denmark and at Duke University in the US, in collaboration with industry LiDAR and environmental GIS application experts. Software based on the technology can handle much larger terrain data sets on a normal desktop than most current software and thus it eliminates the need for accuracy-decreasing data thinning. The use of novel mathematical and algorithmic techniques also means that the software works provably efficient on all input data sets, delivering a completely specified output without the use of cumbersome work-flows such as those introduced by data tiling.

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