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O’Reilly Where 2.0: April 19-21, Coverage and 25% Discount Code

One of the biggest geospatial conferences is O'Reilly Where 2.0, to take place in Santa Clara, CA, from April 19 to 21. If you're planning to attend you can benefit from our 25% discount code "whr11sla". There will be several featured speakers of importance for geospatial, including Jack Dangermond, founder of ESRI, and Marissa Mayer of Google. This year again, Slashgeo is a proud media partner of the Where 2.0 conference. Landon, an experienced Slashgeo editor, will be on site and share coverage with our users. This is how this major conference is described: "Leveraging Location -- Groupon, Facebook, Google, Foursquare + More / Now in it’s 7th year, the O'Reilly Where 2.0 is the premier conference for all things location-aware, exploring the intersection between location technologies and trends in software development, business strategies, and marketing. Happening April 19-21, in Santa Clara, CA, Where 2.0 will show you first hand how to leverage technologies like Groupon, Facebook, Foursquare, and Yelp as part of your marketing and advertising mix. The dynamic mix of speakers will bring you the latest on how to use location to identify, understand, and better serve your customers. To see the list of speakers and sessions, and to register."

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New Slashgeo feature: Directly Sharing Geonews With Email Recipients

A short note to let you know about a small but useful new feature available to our users: sharing geonews with email recipients without leaving your web browser. It's really easy and fast: simply click on the mail envelope at the bottom of every story, fill the short form and you're done. Last February, we added other means to share the geonews with your entourage. If there's other features you'd really like to see, let us know and we'll see what we can do!

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Being Part of a Spatial Community

As much important as the job we do, is with whom we do it. Our work environment matters. What also matters to most of us is feeling part of a larger community, in that case, the geospatial community. Yesterday, I felt part of it again for a few hours. It was the welcoming event of this week's OSGeo Montreal Code Sprint. I am not contributing to the code sprint itself, but it's always nice to chat with fellow geospatial professionals that we haven't seen for a while and meet new people. It's surprising to notice how small the world is. We were even lucky to be honored by the presence of three Sol Katz Award recipients at the event. Clearly, it felt good to participate to such a 'get together', even if it's just for a few hours. It helps us wait for the next geospatial conference! ;-) In Fall I shared some thoughts on what is the geospatial community, and later in Summer, there was a few entries over the geoblogs on the state of the geospatial community (apologies, we haven't migrated the user comments of our old stories after our move to Drupal in Summer, causing user comments not showing up on those stories). When we launched Slashgeo in under the umbrella of a non-profit organization, we hoped it would draw the community to share even more on this virtual space. Fast forward to, judging by the low frequency of user comments on the site, it's obvious that we failed that part of the dream. But with our relatively significant readership (over 5,000 subscribers just in Google Reader, a number anyone can easily validate), I guess the geonews aggregation services we provide are not entirely useless. And hey, maybe someday community participation on the site will take off and reach orbit? It doesn't matter that much to me now, sometimes the voyage is more important than the destination! And in this voyage, when we look around, we are not alone, we are a spatial community after all.

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FOSS4G Conference’s Registration is Open

Earlier this week the FOSS4G organizers announced that registration is now open. Being hosted in Denver, Colorado, in September 12-16, it's expected to be the largest FOSS4G conference ever and clearly be one of the geospatial conferences to put on the agenda. From the main FOSS4G website: "Recent years have seen substantial changes in the geospatial industry. One of those changes has been the growth in maturity and adoption of free and open source solutions. In many cases organizations are using a mixture of open and closed source solutions. With the growth in interest in open source solutions, combined with the fact that FOSS4G has not been in North America since, we anticipate a great audience for FOSS4G, around 1000 people." The call for speakers was released last week. The workshops and initial tutorials were also announced. Of note, OpenStreetMap's State of the Map conference will take place immediately before the FOSS4G Conference. Slashgeo has been a media partner to the FOSS4G conference in and. We're in talks to again provide coverage on-site this year. You'll find our previous coverage with a search.

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New Slashgeo feature: Sharing Geonews over Facebook, Twitter and more

We've been slowly improving the site since our migration to Drupal last August. While most of the improvements are invisible to our users, it's not the case with this morning's update! At the bottom of every geonews, polls and geospatial-related press releases, you are now able to directly share the content via Facebook, Twitter, Digg, LinkedIn and Delicious. There are plenty other sharing services I could enable, if you'd like yours activated, just let us know in the comments below. While we're at it, let's remember Slashgeo is a site built and maintained for you, we're a small team of volunteers under the umbrella of a registered non-profit organization: if you have any suggestions on improving your experience with the site, just let us know!

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Bye Bye SlashGISRS

Our site was initially launched as "SlashGISRS" back in. A year later we moved to Slashgeo. If you've been with us since the beginning and you haven't updated your bookmarks, now is the time to do it since we will not be renewing SlashGISRS and it will expire in the coming weeks. Thank you for your comprehension!

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Newsletter Problems Fixed

Good news. Our newsletter problems have been fixed. Some, but not all, of our users did not get the 'Daily geonews newsletter' in their Inbox since mid-November. If you were affected, simply take a look at the published stories since then to make sure you did not miss anything major relevant to you. There's a minor line breaks issue affecting yesterday's newsletter, but that should have been fixed too by now. If you have any question or potential problem to report, just let us know! Thank you for your comprehension and patience. Happy new year to all! :-) Alex for Slashgeo

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Temporary Newsletter Problems Affecting Some Subscribers

I'm sorry to report that we have Newsletter problems. Since mid-November, some of our hundreds subscribers may not have received the daily Slashgeo newsletter. We're trying to pinpoint the problem. Meanwhile, if you are affected, you can subscribe to the RSS feed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Press Releases Now Accepted on slashgeo.org

First: don't worry, they won't show up on the main page or in the main RSS feed!

Over the years, Slashgeo refused to publish an innumerable amount of press releases. That's going to change. We are now accepting the submission of geospatially-related press releases for publication. Some elements to take into account:

  • They appear on the left-hand side column and users can hide this block entirely in their preferences
  • Press releases are indexed and use the same tagging system, so they will show up in search results and you can find them in the press-release tag
  • There's also an RSS feed for press releases
  • Submitted press releases will be moderated by our team of editors
  • Only press releases pertinent to the geospatial community will be published
  • There's a new menu item on top of the page to submit press releases

Hope this will add some value to our users.

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