Poppy 3D: $60 3D Stereoscopic Camera and Viewer

Tidbits made me aware of Poppy 3D, a very affordable box that turns your iPhone into a 3D camera and I thought this is of interest for geospatial-related usage.

Tibtibs' summary: "The first magic gizmo I saw accomplishes its wonders with mirrors, if not smoke. The Poppy from Hack Things converts any iPhone 4 or later (or fifth-generation iPod touch) into a 3D stereoscopic camera and viewer. Slot your iPhone into the Poppy, and rotate the outer portion of the Poppy 180 degrees to take two side-by-side videos or photos from slightly different vantage points. Then rotate it back to convert the camera into a viewer and watch your video in 3D. Anyone who grew up with a View-Master (still going after 70 years!) will feel a twinge of nostalgia upon using a Poppy. The Poppy is available from Hack Things for $59."

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